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konturcare adjustable beds
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konturcare adjustable beds
adjustable beds

Konturmatic, Konturcare Beds and Kontur Chairs are manufactured by us.

Konturmatic Adjustable Beds
The most advanced Adjustable Bed.

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konturmatic adjustable beds Konturcare Adjustable Carer Beds
Carer beds for specialist need.

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konturcare adjustable carer beds
Kontur Riser-Recliner Chairs
Electrically powered rise and recline action.

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adjustable beds
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konturcare adjustable beds

- Carer beds for specialist needs

Discover the comfort you deserve with the magic of the Konturcare.

Save time and money by buying direct from the manufacturer.

What does it do?
Proven throughout Europe for over half a century, the flexible and adjustable beech-wood suspension system of the Konturcare offers the best support for your spine. Open slat construction assists in promoting healthy body temperature and helps control bed humidity.

The Konturcare incorporates the most advanced engineering features for security, safety, and a long life. All critical moving parts are self-lubricated and very quietly powered by smooth and reliable motors.

In many cases, the user can regain independence by the variable height offered by the Konturcare, assisting access in and out of bed.

For users with more severe disabilities, the Konturcare Adjustable bed will greatly assist the carer or family members in providing the necessary level of care.

How can a Konturcare help?
The versatile Konturmatic bed is fully adjustable, offering a limitless number of positions and has slat tension control in the lumbar region. It is truly designed for a vast range of needs and can be customised to specific personal requirements.

The Konturcare sleep system, when combined with the unique Flexomat pressure-relief mattress, can assist comfort for people suffering from a wide range of health problems. Whether partially disabled or fully disabled, the user will benefit from the many features offered by the Konturcare adjustable bed.

Like our other Konturmatic adjustable beds, the Konturcare offers many of the same features and options. In addition, the entire bed platform comes with a power lift, enabling a partner or carer to work at ergonomically manageable heights without the discomfort of excessive bending.

Model konturcare adjustable beds Type
konturcare adjustable beds konturcare adjustable beds konturcare adjustable beds
Konturcare konturcare adjustable beds 5-part riser carer bed (90 x 200 cm only)
konturcare adjustable beds konturcare adjustable beds konturcare adjustable beds
Double-upkonturcare adjustable beds

The Konturcare is designed as a single-user electric bed, but may be readily linked to any of the Konturmatic (electric or manual) range, or another Konturcare. The only proviso being that the bed linked must share the same length and leg height. This allows both partners to sleep side-by-side even though one may have significantly different needs. There is no charge for linking. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have in relation to specific medical requirements.

Konturcare sizes

(cm) (imperial)
konturcare adjustable beds konturcare adjustable beds
90 3'0"
konturcare adjustable beds konturcare adjustable beds
200 6'6"

konturcare adjustable beds

Optional dual wave massage handset with bed position control.
konturcare adjustable beds
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konturcare adjustable beds
konturcare adjustable beds
*Specification may be subject to slight variation without notice.
Features include:
  • 34.4 cm platform lift
  • 5-part action
  • laminated beech construction
  • natural lacquer finish
  • 42 sprung beech slats
  • adjustable lumbar zone
  • very sturdy cross-structure rigidity
  • exceptional torque point security
  • self-lubricating critical joints
  • superior design strength metalwork
  • each unit is custom built to individual requirements incorporating comprehensive quality controls
  • 4 silent motor actuators
  • very competitively priced
  • two year motor guarantee

Medical Benefits
Konturcare beds are designed to benefit sufferers of:
  • All of the listed Konturmatic conditions, plus:

  • polio
  • cerebral palsy
  • paraplegia
  • some who are reliant on wheelchairs for mobility

Ordering Options
  • Headboard
  • Pressure-relief mattresses available in: extra-soft, soft, medium, firm, extra firm
  • Optional range of infrared remote control massage systems with a wide choice of different program functions and features
  • Linking to form double beds
  • Legs: choice of height and finish, castors or glides
  • Side safety rails (for care use)
  • Delivered directly to your home and installed by our own experienced team

Wide selection of mattresses

konturcare adjustable beds
konturcare adjustable beds
konturcare adjustable beds
konturcare adjustable beds
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konturmatic adjustable beds
konturmatic adjustable beds konturmatic adjustable beds
konturmatic adjustable beds
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konturmatic adjustable beds